Services and Activities

Services and Activities for Autistic Adults

Services and activities for autistic adults* focus on personal development and social participation. Trait d’Union Outaouais provides varied and flexible group activities during the daytime and evenings, weekdays and weekends.

To support autistic adults in their development and concerns, TUOI offers various services:  

  • Support, information and counsellingadvice/reference 

  • Drop-In 

  • Group activities 

* Please note that depending on the autistic person’s profile, some services may be offered from 16 years of age. This decision is at the organization’s discretion.  

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Support, Information and Advice/Reference

A support, information and advice/reference service for autistic adults. By phone, email or in person, this service supports autistic adults with their concerns and questions, and provides support for everyday challenges or reference to appropriate resources. The lending library and its various resources are also available.


The Drop-In program welcomes autistic adults in our premises to explore various activities with their own materials or materials available at TUOI. It’s also an opportunity for them to chat with team members about their needs and how to find solutions and resources. This is an informal environment where connecting and sharing with other participants is also encouraged. 

Group Activities

Trait d’Union Outaouais offers a weekly schedule of group activities where participants are grouped by profile, interests and support needs. These activities focus on personal development, independent living, social and professional skills, and recreational activities.  

Three types of group activities are offered: 

  • Pre-employment skills and abilities 

These activities help participants to develop a work routine and a number of social skills for employment, including organization, initiative, team work, etc. Various options can be offered, including volunteer hours for community organizations, unpaid internships with local businesses, or participation within one of TUOI’s micro-businesses.  

  • Independence and self-development 

One-day or short-series group workshops for autistic adults grouped by profile, interests and needs. These one- or two-hour workshops focus on specific, short-term objectives related to self-knowledge and the development of independent living skills.  

  • Recreation and socializing 

These weekly group activities are a space for autistic adults to socialize and develop friendships, while exploring various environments. Planned and facilitated by TUOI team members, these activities may or may not group participants by profile and interests, and duration is variable (from 2 to 6 hours). 

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