About us


The mission of Trait d’Union Outaouais (TUOI) is to facilitate the social integration of autistic individuals so that they can thrive in the community. We also aim to support their families and other people close to them, promote inclusion and acceptance of autism in the general population, and advocate for the interests and rights of our members.  


  • Driving the potential of our autistic members by stimulating and supporting their development. 

  • Facilitating access to the resources best suited to the needs of individual autistic members and their families and close ones. 

  • Sharing the organization’s expertise and working in cooperation with all partners. 

  • Sharing information and tools with the autistic members’ families and close ones in order to reduce isolation. 

  • Encouraging the creation of new services in the region. 

  • Promoting awareness and acceptance of autism in the general population.

History of Trait d’Union Outaouais

TUOI has been operating in the Outaouais region for over 35 years as a non-profit organization.  

In 1988, ten parents of autistic children and members of the Société Québécoise de l’Autisme—Outaouais Chapter made a common decision to establish the organization Trait d’Union Outaouais. At the time, services to autistic people were almost non-existent, and parents were looking for respite services that would also involve supporting their children’s development. At the onset, services were customized and provided by part-time educators in the home environment.  


More services for families were developed in the following years, including support groups, conferences and activities for siblings. Group activities and individual rehabilitation services were also developed for autistic members, followed by advocacy, human rights and awareness initiatives


In 2003, the Ministry of health and social services launched its first action plan. At that time, the service offering broadened for autistic people and their families, both in the public and private sectors. TUOI adjusted its service offering to focus more specifically on group activities, support for families and awareness and acceptance work

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